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Re: KWinHelp

On 15-Sep-99 Ingo Ruhnke wrote:
> Felix Kollmann <fkollmann@gmx.net> writes:
>> I want to start a project called KWinHelp .
>> It will be a viewer for the Windoze HLP-file format.
>> But I donīt know how to programm under QT or KDE .
>> Is anybody interested in programming the user interface?
>> I would code the "background engine" ;-) .
> Wouldn't that be a wast of time?! Who wants to read a WinHelp file
> under Linux? I guess nearly nobdy. If you want to write documentations
> use texinfo, man(troff?!), sgml or at a last resort use plain html.

The gtk+/gnome project seems to champion sgml, and for actual use I think it
gets converted to html and info. Man pages are a must (I need to learn
troff/groff). The windows hlp system is basically the same level and
functionality as html, and the content is usually beyond useless.... And I
think html is a LOT more effecient as far as file size. The .hlp format is bad
imho, and the content of (all) existing .hlp files is bad imho. So it looks
like it'd be a waste of time to me, too *shrug* sorry :) 

> If you want docs which should be readable under Win and Linux use
> texinfo and convert them to html (texi2html).
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