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Re: archive ?!

Steve Baker wrote:

> This would be great for the blind - but would make a truly unique
> game for everyone. Play it in the dark!

Actually, try Alien vs Predator.  Already in the second level is there
a situation where the area is simply black.  Not darkgrey, just black :)
There is a nightvision mode but enabling it will disable the soundbased
motion detector (similar to what you describe, see the movie :)
It's pretty scary, I guess not seeing anything has that effect on us
but probably not on blind people, so I wonder if one game could
attract both groups...

> Since there is zero graphics in this game, the CPU should be lightly
> loaded enough to do some sophisticated acoustics math to get reverb,
> echoes and audio refraction right.

Aureal 2.0 does this in hardware btw, pretty impressive to drag a
wall on the screen and hear the secondary reflections change the

> You'd need headphones for the audio of course.

The reverb thing seemed to work with speakers too.

> ...but it's just a thought at the moment...I don't own a 3D sound
> card - and they probably aren't implemented under Linux yet anyway.

Exactly :(


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