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On Tue, Sep 14, 1999 at 09:49:27PM +0200, Christian Reiniger wrote:
> * Rob, Did you already get an answer about the interview from Loki?

Nothing other than the "we'll work on it" answer. As soon as I get answers,
I'll post them to the list; perhaps send back some feedback to Loki to
refine some issues; wait; rewrite it a little bit; send to Loki; wait for
feedback and if they like it we can post it.

I'll keep the list informed of any progress and changes, so no news from me
means no news.

> * Rob, how far are your plannings for the GPotM? Do you have enough plans
> to be able to really implement it as soon as the database stuff is running
> (i.e. complete table layouts, plans about how the thing will be done (i.e.
> how game developers "apply" for it, who stays in contact with them etcetc))
> ?

The main idea's I/we had are still in my head somewhere, nothing is on paper
yet though. I'll try and write things down when I have the time. =)

> * The damn hurricane thing shows how dependent we are on Paul. It would be
> good if we had someone able to jump in when Paul can't do anything for the
> website. Rob, you have the PHP knowledge and a solid experience with other
> webbing stuff. Or some other volunteer?

I think this issue will be resolved as soon as we have the database up and
running. Posting a new article /tool/game would be as simple as going to a
page to fill in a form and hit a few buttons.

This means we wouldn't need Paul anymore for the basic features. ;-)
If anything happens: I can maintain PHP code and other webbing stuff, yah.

> * Some (longer) time ago the idea for an open list of game ideas came up.
> Anyone volunteering to maintain such a thing?

The Linux Game Breeding site was my initial input to the LGDC. I would not
mind if anyone else would do this (I like to have some time off every now
ans then ;-) but in any case I'd like to contribute my original idea's,
plans, motivation, ideology etc.

I still feel that LGB has a strong, marketable name so I think we should
keep it and use it as a more autonomous section. It was a bith to maintain
when I first created it because I still worked with cgi's in C and without
database, but with PHP/MySQL it can easily become what I envisioned in my
interview on news.com (perhaps once it's done, I should contact them again
so we can make the press again!). Btw, my vision was the ultimate resource
for programmers, artists and visioners to bring together human resources and
creative ideas.
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