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Ok, it's been a long time since TODO II and much has happened. Here's a
short rundown on the most important items (completely unsorted of course) :

* We need a list of article/tutorial ideas, including notes on what people
are already working on what topic, what people indicated they have
information about some topic etc.

* Rob, Did you already get an answer about the interview from Loki?

* Rob, how far are your plannings for the GPotM? Do you have enough plans
to be able to really implement it as soon as the database stuff is running
(i.e. complete table layouts, plans about how the thing will be done (i.e.
how game developers "apply" for it, who stays in contact with them etcetc))

* The Book needs more work. Perhaps if we just see its TOC as a big "list
of tutorial/article ideas" for now (i.e. simply pick random topics from it
and write more or less standalone articles about them) and assemble a real
book from that later?

* It's time to really work on the library/tool database now. I'll send a
more detailed text about that later.

* Who volunteers as maintainer of the code snippet collection? Collecting
interesting snippets from OSS games/libs/..., commenting them etc would be
the duties.

* The damn hurricane thing shows how dependent we are on Paul. It would be
good if we had someone able to jump in when Paul can't do anything for the
website. Rob, you have the PHP knowledge and a solid experience with other
webbing stuff. Or some other volunteer?

* Some (longer) time ago the idea for an open list of game ideas came up.
Anyone volunteering to maintain such a thing?


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