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Re: database (was archive ?!)

On 14-Sep-99 Ingo Ruhnke wrote:
> Erik <br0ke@math.smsu.edu> writes:
>> possably we need some kind of database that stores who has what
>> article idea, so two people aren't concurrently working on the same
>> article? (or if they are, they can combine forces and/or trade
>> info?). I got a couple of those that I might like to write on if I
>> can manage free time :) I got lots of nothing to say
> I think the best would be to have a database of all requested stuff,
> not just articles but also game engine, game genres, games and other
> game related stuff which does not exist for linux at the current
> moment. I think that would be a great help for coordination and a good
> point to search if somebody wants to start a new project.

That'd be pretty cool. Like a searchable database so if someone wanted to know
something about, say, quaternions, it could pull up links to articles about
quaternions, tutorials, demo code, maybe even mail list/news archives (so
everyone can hear about quaternions giving me wood). That would mean archiving
mailing lists in html format on site (which is probably a good idea. My isp
doesn't have a news server, and the ones that allow anyone are crap, so news is
out of the question for me).

If a database is going to be build, I would be interested in participating in
it. I've just recently started a database course (yesterday was the first day
we got out of theory and into sql), and it would be really cool if I could
apply what I learn to help me understand it as well as helping the linux
community. However, since I've just started, my understanding and ability in
sql is extremely limited :) like sub-neophyte level. Getting to use anything I
learn in a real application environment would be cool. 

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