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Re: database (was archive ?!)

Erik <br0ke@math.smsu.edu> writes:

> That'd be pretty cool. Like a searchable database so if someone wanted to know
> something about, say, quaternions, it could pull up links to articles about
> quaternions, tutorials, demo code, [...]

I don't thought about a simple searchable database of articles, but
instead of a list of projects which needs help, requested articles,
programmers which had some time to spend, etc.
So for example if you have a game and need some help with the
graphics, you would post a request to the database and then if their
is a artist with some spare time he could search throu the database
for projects which needs help. It would be especially interessting to
have a database of special tasks, for example if a project is working
good, but needs some help with the FHS compliance, porting to a
big/little endian machine, etc.

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