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Re: aag! wake up there!

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Tiseo <ptiseo@mediaone.net> writes:

Paul> On that matter, I was just about to sit down and begin inputting
Paul> table, but seems like the MySQL server isn't accepting
Paul> connection. Esben, the sunsite MySQL guy, is away on a
Paul> conference and back on Thursday.

I am just in between sessions, catching up email....  I have restarted
mysqld so it should be working now, although I will have to look into
what was wrong when I come home.

I will not be responsible for Emacs not being mentioned in your IDE
section.  After all it IS, without doubt, the ultimate IDE :-)

Paul> The schedule: first, I will implement the News and Links tables
Paul> and get that going. Then, we can begin with the SDK/Tools
Paul> databasing. Also, I have sketched out a polling mechanism to add
Paul> to the site. I just need Esben to fix MySQL and get us some
Paul> .htaccess files to cover our backdoor.

Ok, we will work this out.  But there should be no reason for you not
to make your own .htaccess files without me interfering.

caffeine low .... brain halted