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Re: FSK vs. GPL

Philipp Gühring <p.guehring@enemy.org> writes:

> Letīs assume, that the organisations in Germany will rate our
> new game called Defkon as non-suitable for people aged under 16.
> Does this violate the GPL?
> The GPL states that it has to be freely redistributable to everyone,
> including all children.
> And whatīs about Open-Source?
> If the children arenīt allowed to play the game, are they allowed to
> read the sourcecode? compile it? 

Interressting question, but at least on the internet distribution the
FSK would have no influence, anybody could download the thing an play
it or read the source.

But the interessting point is when it comes to CD distributions, then
the FSK would have influence (AFAIK), but I don't know what would
happen. The thing is that the situation is still not clear when it
comes to game age ratings, at the moment we have only the USK and the
BPjS, so your game could be "indiziert" (sorry don't know the english
word) or be freely distributable. The FSK thing is new and until now
the FSK didn't has influence on the distribution of games, but that
will happen sooner or later. For now I would just wait and see what
happen to the comercial games.

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