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Re: FSK vs. GPL

Ingo Ruhnke wrote:
> Philipp Gühring <p.guehring@enemy.org> writes:
> > Letīs assume, that the organisations in Germany will rate our
> > new game called Defkon as non-suitable for people aged under 16.
> > Does this violate the GPL?
> > The GPL states that it has to be freely redistributable to everyone,
> > including all children.
> > And whatīs about Open-Source?
> > If the children arenīt allowed to play the game, are they allowed to
> > read the sourcecode? compile it?
> Interressting question, but at least on the internet distribution the
> FSK would have no influence, anybody could download the thing an play
> it or read the source.

Where do I find out about "FSK" - is that a specifically German

If parents give their children free rein on the Internet, they will
get into "bad" things. Ratings or no ratings.

Parents who care will want to see what their kids are downloading.

Parents who don't will reap the consequences either way.

So, I think ratings for freeware games are a GREAT idea.

I was horrified when I downloaded the (aparrently) cute Xtux
game only to find a porno pic used as one of the game icons!


So, ratings - please.

I tried to ask the professional games ratings people (er ESRI
is it?  I forget.) if they had any opinions on this matter.

  * Would they rate freeware games at no cost?
  * Would they permit a team of volunteer raters to
    work under their banner to rate freeware games
    according to ESRI standards.
  * Would it be OK for games writers to voluntarily
    rate their freeware games - and use some varient
    of the ESRI scheme.

I got not reply even after several requests.

However, I still havn't given up.  I chatted a while
with the maintainer of Linux Games Tome about this -
suggesting that along with his 1->5 star quality
rating, he might ask people to enter

   E  -- Everyone
   T  -- Teen
   A  -- Adult
   MA -- Mature adult

...alongside the other ratings.

> But the interessting point is when it comes to CD distributions, then
> the FSK would have influence (AFAIK), but I don't know what would
> happen.

I doubt that RedHat would want to put out separate versions of
Linux with and without T/A/MA games on them.

More likely to work would be to ask for the various installer
tools to have "Don't install games rated higher than: E/T/A/MA"
somewhere in the install dialog. Again, it's not going to deter
the determined teenager - but as the parent of a Linux literate
8yr old, I'd find that useful.


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