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Re: New package managment

Pierre Phaneuf wrote:
> Ingo Ruhnke wrote:
> > > A basic Red Hat installation leaves you without kernel sources, glibc
> > > headers or compiler. Many users are happy nonetheless.
> >
> > Hm, didn't know that. But is that a basic installation in the sense of
> > only the absolutly basic applications (bash and friends, for servers)
> > or in the sense of a standard basic installation, which most users
> > will have installed?
> Well, my friend did an install and didn't select stuff marked as
> "development" in the menu with general categories (like "Printer
> Support" and "X Window System"), and he didn't get any of "make", "gcc"
> or /usr/include/stdio.h.

That's pretty dumb of RedHat - but it's not the point.

How long did your friend go before he realised he needed those
things and went back and added them?

It can't have been long...almost nothing free comes with
binaries these days.


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