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Question, Bug in a tutorial


Which graphic format is recommended to be used with GGI?
PCX is too small and has just the 8 Bit Color mode. I want Truecolor
images. Any suggestions? Any sourcecode?

Now to the bug:

There is a bug in the new ggipcxview.c in the Tutorial about True
Color depths and Keyboard from Alexandre Courbot:

int main
  unsigned char palette[768];
  ggi_color ggi_palette[768];
Actually we only need 256 of the ggi_color palette, because the
ggi_color is a structure including the 3 colors.
So please change it to:

  unsigned char palette[768];
  ggi_color ggi_palette[256];

By the way, this little mistake consumes 4kb ((768-256)*(2*4)) !
If twenty programmers would cut and paste this code, and their
programs would run a hundrer times, each, you would have triggered a
waste of about 8 Megabyte of worldwide Ram! :)))

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