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Re: New package managment

On Thu, Sep 23, 1999 at 07:22:21PM +0000, Steve Baker wrote:
> Erik wrote:
> > 
> > > BAD (but typical) STORY:
> > almost sounds like an argument against using libraries :) hehehe
> And that truly, honestly does happen. MANY people (myself
> included) would rather write a whole bunch of new code
> from scratch than drag in another library dependency.
> My game relies on three libraries: PLIB (which is my own
> and doesn't count), GLUT and Mesa.

Ever considered putting PLIB in the source of your game?  That is, when you say
"make dist" that sources for PLIB appear in the source tarball of your game.

When the user runs ./configure the configure script looks for PLIB on the
system, and if it can't find it uses the included version.  Or, if the user
wants to use the included version of PLIB rather than the installed one,
--with-included-plib can be passed to the configure script.

The same thing could be used for GLUT if it weren't for the licensing issues.

Statically link PLIB and GLUT with the game, libc and Mesa dynamically.

Borko Jandras	<bjandras@public.srce.hr>