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Re: New package managment

Philipp Gühring <p.guehring@enemy.org> writes:

>> without a compiler you can't compile a kernel. So I think, people
>> without a compiler are below 1% or so.
> No, the current distributions provide a modular standard kernel, and
> kernel modules for everything else, so the normal user doesn´t need
> an customized compiled kernel -> No Compiler, ...

But once they will find a package or game, which is only available in
source and then they need to install a compiler.
BTW. There was one interessting poll at happypenguin.org:

I have compiled a Linux kernel:
Yes (77%) 706 votes
No (10%) 91 votes
What the hell kind of poll question is this? (12%) 112 votes

There were also other interessting polls, which would be worth a look.                        

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