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Re: New package managment

Steve Baker <sjbaker1@airmail.net> writes:

>> Thats no longer needed, it will print out the url in a current
>> version and so make the download simpler, but it will be still
>> required to download all the stuff yourself.
> Yes - that *helps* some.  But not everyone does that.

But at least that is the basis to build on. If the game doesn't even
has a good configure, than it will probably also not have a correct
working autoweb script
> I wanted it to download the teeny-tiny script first because
> if (for example) Clanlib needs Hermes - but Hermes won't
> build on my machine (as was the case under Linux 2.0.0 with
> an AMD K6-2 machine when I tried all this a few months ago),
> there is no point in waiting for all of Pingus and all of
> Clanlib to download.  

Very good point.

> Another nice thing is that the script could be sent
> without tar or compression - which takes out another
> step in the installation process.

And another good idea. But somewhere we reach the point were the user 
probably should not try to use the game and instead wait until
his distri has a binary on hand. Since if the user don't know how to
extract a tarball, how should he be able to handle a game in
> I wes trying to find a description of the Zlib API yesterday,
> so I go into Google/Linux and type ZLIB (and subsequently
> ZLIB HOME PAGE)...and got back THOUSANDS of hits - almost
> all of which were mirrors of the RedHat or SuSE RPM's. Totally
> useless.  I finally got there by remembering that it was linked
> from the GIMP home page...whose URL I remember.

;-) I find most pages which I don't have in my bookmarks by jumping
from one link to another, its mostly much faster than trying a search
engine. But sometimes Yahoo does a good job at finding a specific page
and not thousends of others.

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