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Re: New package managment

Borko Jandras <bjandras@public.srce.hr> writes:

> Ever considered putting PLIB in the source of your game?

That was AFAIK the case with Flightgear some version ago.

> That is, when you say "make dist" that sources for PLIB appear in
> the source tarball of your game.

The thing is that the games would get much larger. Plib is ~1MB, that
is just to much do, to just download it because the user may not
allready has it. If you also want to try this with Glut, Mesa and
friends than the thing would get much to big.
autoweb would be the solution, we need just somebody to implement

BTW. How would autoweb check for the installed libs? A special
configure script could do the job, but how to parse the configure
output? Could config.cache be used for that or do we need another
file, which is generated by the configure script. And how to stay
compatible with standard configure of the game, so we won't have to
maintain two similar files (acinclude.m4 comes to mind)?

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