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Re: New package managment (fbsd ports)

Erik <br0ke@math.smsu.edu> writes:

> wget is impressive, but not omnipresent just yet. But it's very
> small, so I wouldn't be opposed to having that handle downloading
> packages.

Falling back to lynx or ftp is allways a good idea.
> If anyone is versed in freebsd, please feel totally free to correct
> or comment.  I'm just beginning with fbsd, and trying to get my feet
> under me. I'm sure there are inside tricks that I d'no and stuff :)
> When I learn more, I'll open my big fat mouth again and bore
> everyone :)

IMHO the ports system would be the wrong direction to go in this case,
what is needed is something simple, but the ports system is AFAIK more
like a normal package management (deb/rpm), not a simple download
helper, far to much overkill.

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