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Re: New package managment

Steve Baker <sjbaker1@airmail.net> writes:

> Ingo Ruhnke wrote:
>> But somewhere we reach the point were the user
>> probably should not try to use the game and instead wait until
>> his distri has a binary on hand. Since if the user don't know how to
>> extract a tarball, how should he be able to handle a game in
>> development?
> Well, if we take *that* view then there is no need to do anything.
> Just wait for the distro guys to pick up the game and push it out
> on CD.
> If you believe in that then no new scheme of any kind is required.
No, I don't think that we wouldn't need a autoload thing, but I just
seen to many people, which doesn't even know the very basics, playing
around with stuff in highly under development and then they are doomed
to fail. autoload wouldn't help in that situation, but it also
wouldn't to any harm, its just because the problem is the user
itself. But at last, just forgot what I said its not important, its
more a philosophical issue.

> If we have to wait for the distro guys, we'll have a LONG wait.


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