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Fwd: Re: distributed slashdot / linux-news distribution

Forwarding this to the new list, in case anybody missed it...


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    From: Paul Matthews <plm@pcug.org.au>
 Subject: Re: distributed slashdot / linux-news distribution
    Date: Sun, 02 Aug 1998 23:44:56 +1000
      To: Roger Dingledine <arma@seul.org>
      Cc: slim@shenleycourt.bham.sch.uk, seul@seul.org,        linux-news-discuss@threepoint.com
Reply-To: linux-news-discuss@threepoint.com

Roger Dingledine wrote:
> At this point, we're trying to take a look at all our options. The currently
> proposed solution is creating an API (or standardized format) for how
> to describe a news item, and then either distribute those news items in
> a shared distributed fashion similar to usenet, or have a central
> repository serving them from a database like mysql.
You might wish to consider PostgreSQL, Informix-SE, Interbase or Solid
SQL server instead of MySql.  In the long run you will probably need a
database server with a bit more flexability and reliability than MySql.

> Anyway, Yoga seems like the sort of project that might have some
> other types of solutions to offer. We probably want a solution that
> involves already-existing or soon-to-be-existing software, so waiting
> for a whole Yoga to finish before we start isn't feasible.
Yoga won't be ready of use by anyone for quite a while. I'm still
futzing around in the communications / encryption / security layer. I
suggest you don't wait ;-)

Good luck in your endeavours and apologies for the delay in my reply, [I
havn't been able to log into my ISP due to all those people downloading
the SiN demo and clogging the lines.]

Paul Matthews