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Re: Continuous Queries Project

> The primary objective of the Continual Queries project aims at investigating 
> the update monitoring problems in Internet-scale distributed information 
> systems and developing toolkit and an integrated set of techniques for 
> monitoring updates for building intelligent and adaptive sentinel systems in 
> distributed open environments such as Internet or intranets.

The professor running this project gave an hour post-lunch talk on Friday, 
which piqued my interest.  The project has little code so far, as they're 
still working on the theoretical stages, but the ideas are sound, and many 
of them apply directly to what we're doing here.

I will try to talk with the prof today or tomorrow, explain what we're 
trying to do, and see if she'd be interested in looking more closely into 
the plans.  Heck, setting up and refining this whole mess might be a nice 
project for a grad student.


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