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Re: Linux News Standardization/Distribution Project

In message <35C9D479.23E3135A@LinuxMall.com>, mark@linuxmall.com writes:
>Please note that it was not possible to just "Reply" to this message and
>have it go to the list.  I had to type in the list address.  I suggest
>repairing this, as it should mean more participation.

I have changed it so the reply-to field points to the list. Thanks for
pointing that out.

>Just having people know about products is not enough, we have to make it
>easy for them to buy the products, otherwise, once ported, no/few sales
>will result in manufacturers being sorry they ported, instead of

It's true. But while both of them have to be done to make Linux succeed,
I'm going to let you keep working on the second one. My hands are already
too full. :) Thanks for doing the marketing work, so the rest of us don't
have to deal with it.

>>From my limited technical standpoint, the mechanics I have seen
>discussed thus far are fine, except I do not yet see how the
>input/filtering/moderation can be adequatly done to suit everyone.

This is going to be a very tough question. We need to get a group of
moderators together that everybody likes and trusts. And even then, there
will be sites that want to do all the approving and such themselves, at
least for their own site. The first incarnation of the LNN will primarily
be a sink for information rather than a source. We'll take news from lots
of places and incorporate it into a single news network. Once it gets stable
and tested, then we can start encouraging people to get their news *from*
the LNN as well. We can't expect to just replace the existing system

>I applaud your efforts, and continue to watch the process.  If Ya'll
>don't mind I may pipe up from time to time.  I wouldn't have this time,
>except I saw a goal that I thought needed expanding upon.

Thanks for the comments. Feel free to speak up anytime you want to. We
need more people thinking and talking at this point.