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Call for current news site data formats

In message <35CD2331.95D3659A@appliedtheory.com>, blizzard@appliedtheory.com writes:
>If everyone describes their data model I can collect the common elements
>and make sure that the DTD suits everyone's common needs.

If everyone could list out the fields that they care about for news, then we
can get a good first draft of the dtd set up and created. That will be
awfully useful.

Chris: at some point we're going to need some conversion utils for converting
between your xml format and what each of the news sites actually wants to speak.
are there conversion utils around already that are flexible enough to do this
easily, or are we going to be writing our own? in particular, can we write a
universal one, or will it end up being one per site?

Another field that might be nice is 'keywords'. That seems like it would allow
stronger search mechanisms...

>Check out the The Annotated XML Specification:

Thanks, I'll check it out as soon as I've finished the nntp rfc and the
docs on inn. :}