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Re: The first comment is...

Roger Dingledine wrote:
> Ah-ha. I hadn't realized that you had already started an initial set
> of fields for the news-piece format.
> Some more that come to mind, given the distributed nature of the system
> we're developing, are
> * approved_by (for the moderator who approves this piece of news into the LNN)
> * comments (in case the moderator has any comments to add (do we want this?))

The approved by has been added.  That makes a lot of sense.  I don't
know how to handle comments though.  Many people will alter the content
of the actual description field to add their comments.  Can we talk
about this a little more?

> * Timestamp of submission, and timestamp of approval

Yeah, I thought about that after I had already sent that out.  That's
been added.

> I'll try to think of some more. For now I'm reading about nntp and looking
> at various news servers (particularly innd) to try to figure out which one
> might be most appropriate for us. I think perhaps the most difficult part
> of the initial setup for LNN will be configuring an innd to be secure and
> small-footprinted, and then convincing everybody that they want to run it
> on their machines. News servers are not known for their security. Hmm.

Has anyone considered just using the web to transfer this around?  I
don't know about you but I don't want the overhead of running a news
server.  There are also security implications with running one that I
don't want to deal with.  There aren't a lot of security problems with
inn that I'm aware of, it's just another thing to keep track of.

News servers do have a nice property; They are very good at figuring out
what articles they have in comparison with what other news servers have
and just transferring the ones that they need.  We can probably come up
with another scheme with a web based scheme.  I may be a bit late to
this discussion.  Can someone outline what the points are of NNTP/news
that make it the transport mechanism of choice?



Christopher Blizzard