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Re: Centralized Linux announcements/news list?

In message <Pine.LNX.4.02.9807292251340.14-100000@schlong.llamaland.org>, scoop@freshmeat.net writes:
>On Wed, 29 Jul 1998, Roger Dingledine wrote:
>> But in any case, I should announce the list to people. Which people
>> should I tell? Given that most of the people I initially mailed
>> didn't get back to me, is it rude for me to mail them all again?
>> (It would be just one more time, of course, and then there would be
>> a mailing list that they could get on or not. I'd probably mostly bcc
>> this time to save them the headers that they already know.) How much
>> publicity do we really want on this yet? (until we have more of the
>> details worked out, that is.)
>Well, of course we need more publicity. A centralized database for 2 or 3
>news sites doesn't make too much sense. Just mail those people again, I
>don't think anybody gets mad at you for doing that. Regarding the mailing
>list: Just put it on seul.
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>   \ oO / .. scoop@freshmeat.net
>    |/\|  .. freshmeat crew

(I cc'ed this to the other people involved, hope you don't mind)

Ok, agreed. I shall send it to the original list I used once we've
hashed out a couple ideas a bit, and interested people can join, and
then we'll decide things after we've gotten a bit of the way forward
in the project.