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Re: Discussions and Proposal

It looks like everyone has migrated over to the new list.  Where is it
being archived?

I have some feedback on the proposol.  Everything below is just IMHO.

On 30 Jul, Nils Lohner wrote:
> <<<< PROPOSAL >>>>

> Why LNP?
> - --------
>   LNP will provide several advantages:
> a) faster than the current setup, because news will be in a standard format
> b) there will be more news overall
> c) news can easily be pre-sorted and filtered thanks to categorization
> d) it will reduce the load on moderators because they will have less news to 
> review each
> e) client sites can customize news for their target audience more easily
> f) there will be a centralized news source for linux

How about:

Why LDP?

LNP is needed because:

o Official Linux News locations make for easy submission.
o Companies new to the Linux community will know exactly how to submit.
o More efficient than duplicated effort across several various Linux
    news sites.
o News is easily pre-sorted and filtered, thanks for categorization.
o Less work for moderators, as the load is spread more evenly.
o End-user sites can customize the news items for their target audience.
> Structure and Distribution
> - --------------------------
>  There will be a few central servers (one main server, and a few mirrors?) 
> that will contain all of the news ('master sites').  All client sites can 
> then poll these hosts and request news of a certain type.  To alleviate the 
> load, certain masters can host only one type of news- i.e. software, 
> hardware, etc.
>   This connection can be done through a database access, or maybe even 
> email.  The key issue for this will be scalability.

Having several masters is a good idea.  Different websites for
different items.

Then, each master can be called:



www.linuxnews.org could list each of these masters, with directions for

Of course, linuxnews.org is taken - maybe we can convince Mark Bolzern
to give it to a worthy cause.  :)


> Submissions

This is good.
> Categories

Probably want something about security in there as well, but the
categories can come later.  We should concentrate on the infrastructure
at present.