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Re: Discussions and Proposal

 I took your suggestions and incorporated them into the proposal.  We have 
heard from Mark Bolzern already- I stumbled across linuxnews a little while 
ago too.  Roger is going to invite him to the list, and I've dropped him an 
email as well.  He sounds interested.

  The proposal now has a home at http://linuxunited.org/projects/news/news_pr
oposal.html.  As usual, please look at it and comment.  I think you're 
absolutely right the infrastructure (including distribution) are the primary 
areas we need to look at.


In message <199807311437.JAA21134@lyn112.tsg.adc.com>, Dave Whitinger writes:
>I have some feedback on the proposol.  Everything below is just IMHO.
>Probably want something about security in there as well, but the
>categories can come later.  We should concentrate on the infrastructure
>at present.