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[minion-cvs] Caught a bug: we don"t do any integrety checking on ext...

Update of /home/minion/cvsroot/doc
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Caught a bug: we don't do any integrety checking on extended routing
headers.  Thus, the penultimate node could tamper with any extended
routing headers intended for the routing node.

I've proposed some changes to the procedures (marked XXXX-EXT) that
seem to work for me in Python.  George: can you confirm whether these are
correct, and apply them if they are?

Index: minion-spec.tex
RCS file: /home/minion/cvsroot/doc/minion-spec.tex,v
retrieving revision 1.11
retrieving revision 1.12
diff -u -d -r1.11 -r1.12
--- minion-spec.tex	29 May 2002 18:54:59 -0000	1.11
+++ minion-spec.tex	30 May 2002 04:39:21 -0000	1.12
@@ -154,6 +154,11 @@
 ``ROUTING EXTENSION SECRET KEY'') and appended to the RSA encrypted
+[XXXX-EXT It would seem that no integrity checking is done on the extended
+      headers.  Instead, let me suggest that the extended headers be
+      hashed along with the rest of the header, and encrypted with the 
+      same key.  (See changes below, marked with XXXX-EXT) -NM ]
 We will formally refer to the subheader structure as:
 SHS(V, SK, D, F, A)
 And to the RSA-OAEP encrypted subheader structure as:
@@ -276,6 +281,16 @@
 return H_1;
+  [XXXX-EXT I suggest that the lines from "DIGEST = HASH(..." onward
+   be replaced with something like:
+	IF i = N (set appropriate routing type and A_i)
+	EH = ( extended_headers for routing info, if len(A_i) won't fit.
+  	DIGEST = HASH( Encrypt(K, EH | H_(N+1)) | J_i ) )
+	H_i = ESHS(PK_i, V, SK_i, DIGEST, F, A_i) | Encrypt(K, EH | H_(N+1))
+      -NM]
 \subsection{The Payload of messages}
 The payload of a Mixminion message has a fixed length of 32 kb
@@ -347,11 +362,25 @@
 transport protocol or email.  A node with private key PK receiving
 message M = (H1, H2, P) performs the following operations:
+[XXXX-EXT The lines beginning with "If there is any problem" should
+     be:
+        If there is any problem with the OAEP padding discard the message.
+        Check that D = H(H1[128:15*128])
+        Let n_extra = number of extended headers
+        H1 = H1[128:15*128] | PRNG(HASH(SK, "RANDOM 
+                                               JUNK")[0:16])[0:128*n_extra]
+        Reconstruct A_i from H1[0:128*n_extra]
+        H1 = H1[0:n_extra]
+        ....
+        Will this work? -NM]
 PROCEDURE: Process a message M
 	SHS(V, SK, D, F, A) = PK_Decrypt(PK,H1[0:128]);
 	If there is any problem with the OAEP padding discard the message.
 	If the routing info spans across many blocks extract them and
-		decrypt them.
+		decrypt them. 
 	Check that D = H(H1[128:15*128]);
 	H1 = H1[128:15*128] | PRNG(HASH(SK, ``RANDOM