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Note on SURB keyring compatibility

In case anybody has been using SURBs with 0.0.5:  For spec conformance
reasons, 0.0.6 uses a different storage format for SURB keys.  The new
format allows key rotation, but breaks backward compatibility.

The old code stored its keyring in ~/.mixminion/keyring ; the new code
stores its keyring in ~/.mixminion/keyring.txt .

You only need to worry about this if you have sent people SURBs
generated with 0.0.5, and you want to upgrade to 0.0.6 but still decode
messages sent with your outstanding SURBs.  If this applies to you, you
will need to keep a separate copy of Mixminion 0.0.5 installed, and use
it to decode messages sent to your old SURBs.

Fortunately, the new format is more extensible than the old -- we
shouldn't need to break backward compatibility with it again.


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