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Should this be possible?

I was testing the new 0.0.8alpha1 server on laforge. To my
understanding a message should pass at least three nodes to ensure my
anonymity. I wanted to test the laforge node, so I sent the messages
with -P laforge,~2  ( send the message through laforge and about two
other nodes). As you can see in the output below the mixminion client
selected to send my message through laforge and use laforge a a swap
point. So the message will only go through 1 node. In my opinion the
~<number> option should calculate a minimum number of nodes so a
message will go through at least three nodes.

D:\mixminion\Mixminion->mixminion.exe send -t smtp:simono@xxxxxxxxxxxxx -
i data -P laforge,~2
Mixminion version
This software is for testing purposes only.  Anonymity is not guaranteed.
Dec 04 19:39:37.789 +0100 [INFO] Downloading directory from http://mixminion.net
Dec 04 19:39:44.579 +0100 [INFO] Validating directory
Dec 04 19:39:45.139 +0100 [WARN] This software is newer than any version on the
recommended list.
Dec 04 19:39:45.139 +0100 [INFO] Generating payload(s)...
Dec 04 19:39:45.149 +0100 [INFO] Selected path is laforge:laforge
Dec 04 19:39:45.229 +0100 [INFO] Packet queued
Dec 04 19:39:45.229 +0100 [INFO] Connecting...
Dec 04 19:39:47.743 +0100 [INFO] ... 1 sent

Best regards,
Simon Østengaard