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[ANN] Mixminion 0.0.8alpha2

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      Princess Dongle: "It's our kingdom's new strategy!  We
        monitor all citizens constantly to a detect insider
        baddies!  Isn't it wondersome?!

      Sheriff Pony: Wondersome, yes... but could such a tactic
        instill a sense of distrust and fear in a populace that
        is overwhelmingly true and pious?

      Princess Dongle: I think that the fact that we are not
        currently under siege by unscrupulous minions speaks for
                                       -- WIGU, 22 January 2004

Mixminion 0.0.8alpha2 is now available.  If you have had any problems
with Mixminion, and you'd like to try a more recent version, you
should try this one out.  If you tried the "0.0.8alpha1" that I
test-released earlier, this one has very minor changes.

NEW IN 0.0.8alpha:
   - License changed from LGPL to the so-called "MIT" license. This has
     been planned for ages; see
   - Numerous bugfixes:
     - Implement DESTDIR correctly.
     - Do not crash when run with python 2.4
     - Bump preferred openssl version to 0.9.8a
     - Work when umask setting is bizarre (0077, 0000, etc.)
     - Make -P and mbox work correctly together.
     - Catch over-long paths.
     - Tolerate missing /dev/null
     - Solve crash on mixminion clean-queue
     - Do not exit on a spurious protocol string from another MMTP host.
     - Do not use stdio to read /dev/urandom: This wastes entropy.
   - Security improvements
     - Regenerate SSL certificates more frequently.
     - Servers schedule and retry delivery on a per-address basis, not a
       per-message basis.
   - Drop support for pre-0.0.6 servers: Servers are now located by
   - Add a "count-packets" command to tell how many packets will be needed
     to send a message.  Some integrators need this.
   - Add a "SendmailCommand" option for invoking an external program to send
     email rather than simply connecting to an SMTP server.
   - Write much of ClientAPI, so Mixminion is easier to embed -- having this
     in a real release should make the Nymbaron team happy.
   - Experimental pinger code, using pysqlite as a data store and
     implementing the "Echolot" remailer reliability algorithm.
     More work is needed.
   - Partially implemented code for distributed coordinated voting directory
     servers.  Client side and data formats are done; glue remains.
     - Recommended versions are no longer hard-coded.
     - Refactor how we learn about servers and generate paths.
   - Split out option-parsing logic to make option lists more consistent.
   - Suppress prompt when reading messages from non-TTY fds.
   - Implement --status-fd option to dump info to would-be integrators.
   - Better errors on expired certs

   Source: http://mixminion.net/dist/0.0.8alpha2/Mixminion-0.0.8alpha2.tar.gz
   README: http://mixminion.net/dist/0.0.8alpha2/README-0.0.8alpha2

(I haven't built Windows binaries for this yet; I'm hoping somebody else
can take over doing that.  Any volunteers?)
Version: GnuPG v1.4.1 (GNU/Linux)


Nick Mathewson