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Re: tracking SURBs

On Wed, 11 Feb 2004, Brian Warner wrote:

> One other question: am I correct in believing that the expiration time on
> SURBs is enforced by (at least) the first hop in the recipient-chosen
> half-path? It seems that this is required to prevent a flood attack. I
> skimmed through the specs but couldn't see anywhere the Use-by-Date was
> checked other than the exit node.

The expiration date is not in the SURB itself.  It is a by-product of
servers' key rotation.  If you ask mixminion to generate a SURB that
is valid until at least <date>, then it will only pick servers which
have keys that are valid in the selected timeframe.  Depending on which
servers it chose it may very well be the case that the SURB is good for
a few days more.

I can't comment on the rest just now.
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