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Re: Nym question

On Tue, 2004-02-10 at 13:21, Monk wrote:
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> I'm playing with some nym code, have a few basic questions
> The CREATE messages have a place for a Proof of Work entry.  There's a note
> that we need to specify a system.  Any direction on this?  Unless someone
> has an idea I'm going to just leave it out for now.

I'd say, leave it out.

> Also, when a nym is created a Challenge can be sent from the server.  Is
> this basically something like the confirm+ address a current nymserver sends
> when a new nym is created or a new reply block installed?

I'm not sure what the current nymserver does.  

The relevant comment in the spec is on line 799:

   [XXXX The challenge-response protocol is as yet unspecified.]

The basic goal here is usually to assure that a human is on the other
end of the account creation procedure, and is providing real SURBs.  An
RTT might work for this.  For now, leave it out: if you implement the
essentials, you can find out how necessary the rest of the system is


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