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Anonymous Mailing Lists

I'm not sure about the best list for this question. I would think cpunks except the signal:noise level isn't that good.

The US gov is increasing surveillence and harrassment of protest groups. The subpoenas concerning the Drake University protest group has really had me pondering how to protect organisations that are trying to excercise their rights to disagree with the government.

There are many sides to this. One I've been pondering is the ability to have an email distribution list where it is impossible for it to be used to see who's listening. In other words, I can sign up and receive messages from it, but if a court order forces the list to be turned over no useful information could be gathered. (I'm thinking of an announcement list, not a discussion list)

The first suggestion involves using nyms. But current nyms are not trivial for a person to set up without some specialized knowledge and Type I-based systems aren't too secure anyway.
Is there any way to do this? Like I said, I know there are other problems -- undercover agents coming to meetings, videotaping protests -- but this is one that I think would be a nice start in protecting rights.