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Tor is out

Tor fixes a number of assert triggers and bugs from 0.0.9, and
makes Tor run as a server on Win32 (well, we think -- give it a try and
let us know). It also comes with several new experimental package formats.

tarball:   http://tor.eff.org/dist/tor-
signature: http://tor.eff.org/dist/tor-
(use -dPr tor-0_0_9_2 if you want to check out from cvs)

win32 exe: http://tor.eff.org/dist/win32/tor-
win32 sig: http://tor.eff.org/dist/win32/tor-

rpm:       http://tor.eff.org/dist/rpm/tor-
src rpm:   http://tor.eff.org/dist/rpm/tor-
(self-signed packages for Red Hat Linux -- experimental, please test)

OS X dmg:  http://tor.eff.org/dist/osx/Tor Bundle.dmg
OS X sig:  http://tor.eff.org/dist/osx/Tor Bundle.dmg.asc
(package for Mac OS X -- experimental, please test)

(Other packages available natively for Debian, Gentoo, and *BSD.)

  o Bugfixes on 0.0.9 (crashes and asserts):
    - Fix an assert on startup when the disk is full and you're logging
      to a file.
    - If you do socks4 with an IP of 0.0.0.x but *don't* provide a socks4a
      style address, then we'd crash.
    - Fix an assert trigger when the running-routers string we get from
      a dirserver is broken.
    - Make worker threads start and run on win32. Now win32 servers
      may work better.
    - Bandaid (not actually fix, but now it doesn't crash) an assert
      where the dns worker dies mysteriously and the main Tor process
      doesn't remember anything about the address it was resolving.

  o Bugfixes on 0.0.9 (Win32):
    - Workaround for brain-damaged __FILE__ handling on MSVC: keep Nick's
      name out of the warning/assert messages.
    - Fix a superficial "unhandled error on read" bug on win32.
    - The win32 installer no longer requires a click-through for our
      license, since our Free Software license grants rights but does not
      take any away.
    - Win32: When connecting to a dirserver fails, try another one
      immediately. (This was already working for non-win32 Tors.)
    - Stop trying to parse $HOME on win32 when hunting for default
    - Make tor-resolve.c work on win32 by calling network_init().

  o Bugfixes on 0.0.9 (other):
    - Make 0.0.9.x build on Solaris again.
    - Due to a fencepost error, we were blowing away the \n when reporting
      confvalue items in the controller. So asking for multiple config
      values at once couldn't work.
    - When listing circuits that are pending on an opening OR connection,
      if we're an OR we were listing circuits that *end* at us as
      being pending on every listener, dns/cpu worker, etc. Stop that.
    - Dirservers were failing to create 'running-routers' or 'directory'
      strings if we had more than some threshold of routers. Fix them so
      they can handle any number of routers.
    - Fix a superficial "Duplicate mark for close" bug.
    - Stop checking for clock skew for OR connections, even for servers.
    - Fix a fencepost error that was chopping off the last letter of any
      nickname that is the maximum allowed nickname length.
    - Update URLs in log messages so they point to the new website.
    - Fix a potential problem in mangling server private keys while
      writing to disk (not triggered yet, as far as we know).
    - Include the licenses for other free software we include in Tor,
      now that we're shipping binary distributions more regularly.