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Tor is out

Tor improves cpu usage, works better when the network was recently
offline and you try to use Tor, and makes hidden services less unbearable.


  o Bugfixes on 0.0.9:
    - Backport the cpu use fixes from main branch, so busy servers won't
      need as much processor time.
    - Work better when we go offline and then come back, or when we
      run Tor at boot before the network is up. We do this by
      optimistically trying to fetch a new directory whenever an
      application request comes in and we think we're offline -- the
      human is hopefully a good measure of when the network is back.
    - Backport some minimal hidserv bugfixes: keep rend circuits open as
      long as you keep using them; actually publish hidserv descriptors
      shortly after they change, rather than waiting 20-40 minutes.
    - Enable Mac startup script by default.
    - Fix duplicate dns_cancel_pending_resolve reported by Giorgos Pallas.
    - When you update AllowUnverifiedNodes or FirewallPorts via the
      controller's setconf feature, we were always appending, never
    - When you update HiddenServiceDir via setconf, it was screwing up
      the order of reading the lines, making it fail.
    - Do not rewrite a cached directory back to the cache; otherwise we
      will think it is recent and not fetch a newer one on startup.
    - Workaround for webservers that lie about Content-Encoding: Tor
      now tries to autodetect compressed directories and compression
      itself. This lets us Proxypass dir fetches through apache.