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[tor-announce] Tor is released! (new stable series) (with security update)


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After months of work, Tor is now available!  This is the first
stable release in the 0.3.1.x series, and we hope you find it useful.

This release includes fixes for a security issue in the hidden service
code (CVE-2017-0380, TROVE-2017-008) that can cause sensitive
information to be written to your logs if you have set the SafeLogging
option to 0.   If you are not running a hidden service, or you have
not changed the SafeLogging option from its default, you are not
affected.  If you are running 0.2.5, you are not affected.  (0.2.4,
0.2.6, and 0.2.7 are no longer
supported.) For more information, including workaround steps, see

You can download the source code from the usual place on the website.
Packages should be available within the next several weeks, with a new
Tor Browser by the end of the month.

There will also be a new alpha release today. Note that alpha releases
are announced on tor-talk and on the blog, but not on this mailing


This document summarizes new features and bugfixes in each stable release
of Tor. If you want to see more detailed descriptions of the changes in
each development snapshot, see the ChangeLog file.

Changes in version - 2017-09-18
  Tor is the first stable release in the 0.3.1 series.

  With the 0.3.1 series, Tor now serves and downloads directory
  information in more compact formats, to save on bandwidth overhead. It
  also contains a new padding system to resist netflow-based traffic
  analysis, and experimental support for building parts of Tor in Rust
  (though no parts of Tor are in Rust yet). There are also numerous
  small features, bugfixes on earlier release series, and groundwork for
  the hidden services revamp of 0.3.2.

  This release also includes a fix for TROVE-2017-008, a security bug
  that affects hidden services running with the SafeLogging option
  disabled. For more information, see

  Per our stable release policy, we plan to support each stable release
  series for at least the next nine months, or for three months after
  the first stable release of the next series: whichever is longer. If
  you need a release with long-term support, we recommend that you stay
  with the 0.2.9 series.

  Below is a list of the changes since 0.3.0. For a list of all
  changes since, see the ChangeLog file.

  o New dependencies:
    - To build with zstd and lzma support, Tor now requires the
      pkg-config tool at build time.

  o Major bugfixes (security, hidden services, loggging):
    - Fix a bug where we could log uninitialized stack when a certain
      hidden service error occurred while SafeLogging was disabled.
      Fixes bug #23490; bugfix on
      This is also tracked as TROVE-2017-008 and CVE-2017-0380.

  o Major features (build system, continuous integration):
    - Tor's repository now includes a Travis Continuous Integration (CI)
      configuration file (.travis.yml). This is meant to help new
      developers and contributors who fork Tor to a Github repository be
      better able to test their changes, and understand what we expect
      to pass. To use this new build feature, you must fork Tor to your
      Github account, then go into the "Integrations" menu in the
      repository settings for your fork and enable Travis, then push
      your changes. Closes ticket 22636.

  o Major features (directory protocol):
    - Tor relays and authorities can now serve clients an abbreviated
      version of the consensus document, containing only the changes
      since an older consensus document that the client holds. Clients
      now request these documents when available. When both client and
      server use this new protocol, they will use far less bandwidth (up
      to 94% less) to keep the client's consensus up-to-date. Implements
      proposal 140; closes ticket 13339. Based on work by Daniel Martí.
    - Tor can now compress directory traffic with lzma or with zstd
      compression algorithms, which can deliver better bandwidth
      performance. Because lzma is computationally expensive, it's only
      used for documents that can be compressed once and served many
      times. Support for these algorithms requires that tor is built
      with the libzstd and/or liblzma libraries available. Implements
      proposal 278; closes ticket 21662.
    - Relays now perform the more expensive compression operations, and
      consensus diff generation, in worker threads. This separation
      avoids delaying the main thread when a new consensus arrives.

  o Major features (experimental):
    - Tor can now build modules written in Rust. To turn this on, pass
      the "--enable-rust" flag to the configure script. It's not time to
      get excited yet: currently, there is no actual Rust functionality
      beyond some simple glue code, and a notice at startup to tell you
      that Rust is running. Still, we hope that programmers and
      packagers will try building Tor with Rust support, so that we can
      find issues and solve portability problems. Closes ticket 22106.

  o Major features (traffic analysis resistance):
    - Connections between clients and relays now send a padding cell in
      each direction every 1.5 to 9.5 seconds (tunable via consensus
      parameters). This padding will not resist specialized
      eavesdroppers, but it should be enough to make many ISPs' routine
      network flow logging less useful in traffic analysis against
      Tor users.

      Padding is negotiated using Tor's link protocol, so both relays
      and clients must upgrade for this to take effect. Clients may
      still send padding despite the relay's version by setting
      ConnectionPadding 1 in torrc, and may disable padding by setting
      ConnectionPadding 0 in torrc. Padding may be minimized for mobile
      users with the torrc option ReducedConnectionPadding. Implements
      Proposal 251 and Section 2 of Proposal 254; closes ticket 16861.
    - Relays will publish 24 hour totals of padding and non-padding cell
      counts to their extra-info descriptors, unless PaddingStatistics 0
      is set in torrc. These 24 hour totals are also rounded to
      multiples of 10000.

  o Major bugfixes (hidden service, relay, security):
    - Fix a remotely triggerable assertion failure when a hidden service
      handles a malformed BEGIN cell. Fixes bug 22493, tracked as
      TROVE-2017-004 and as CVE-2017-0375; bugfix on
    - Fix a remotely triggerable assertion failure caused by receiving a
      BEGIN_DIR cell on a hidden service rendezvous circuit. Fixes bug
      22494, tracked as TROVE-2017-005 and CVE-2017-0376; bugfix

  o Major bugfixes (path selection, security):
    - When choosing which guard to use for a circuit, avoid the exit's
      family along with the exit itself. Previously, the new guard
      selection logic avoided the exit, but did not consider its family.
      Fixes bug 22753; bugfix on Tracked as TROVE-2017-
      006 and CVE-2017-0377.

  o Major bugfixes (connection usage):
    - We use NETINFO cells to try to determine if both relays involved
      in a connection will agree on the canonical status of that
      connection. We prefer the connections where this is the case for
      extend cells, and try to close connections where relays disagree
      on their canonical status early. Also, we now prefer the oldest
      valid connection for extend cells. These two changes should reduce
      the number of long-term connections that are kept open between
      relays. Fixes bug 17604; bugfix on
    - Relays now log hourly statistics (look for
      "channel_check_for_duplicates" lines) on the total number of
      connections to other relays. If the number of connections per
      relay is unexpectedly large, this log message is at notice level.
      Otherwise it is at info.

  o Major bugfixes (entry guards):
    - When starting with an old consensus, do not add new entry guards
      unless the consensus is "reasonably live" (under 1 day old). Fixes
      one root cause of bug 22400; bugfix on
    - Don't block bootstrapping when a primary bridge is offline and we
      can't get its descriptor. Fixes bug 22325; fixes one case of bug
      21969; bugfix on

  o Major bugfixes (linux TPROXY support):
    - Fix a typo that had prevented TPROXY-based transparent proxying
      from working under Linux. Fixes bug 18100; bugfix on
      Patch from "d4fq0fQAgoJ".

  o Major bugfixes (openbsd, denial-of-service):
    - Avoid an assertion failure bug affecting our implementation of
      inet_pton(AF_INET6) on certain OpenBSD systems whose strtol()
      handling of "0xx" differs from what we had expected. Fixes bug
      22789; bugfix on Also tracked as TROVE-2017-007.

  o Major bugfixes (relay, link handshake):
    - When performing the v3 link handshake on a TLS connection, report
      that we have the x509 certificate that we actually used on that
      connection, even if we have changed certificates since that
      connection was first opened. Previously, we would claim to have
      used our most recent x509 link certificate, which would sometimes
      make the link handshake fail. Fixes one case of bug 22460; bugfix

  o Major bugfixes (relays, key management):
    - Regenerate link and authentication certificates whenever the key
      that signs them changes; also, regenerate link certificates
      whenever the signed key changes. Previously, these processes were
      only weakly coupled, and we relays could (for minutes to hours)
      wind up with an inconsistent set of keys and certificates, which
      other relays would not accept. Fixes two cases of bug 22460;
      bugfix on
    - When sending an Ed25519 signing->link certificate in a CERTS cell,
      send the certificate that matches the x509 certificate that we
      used on the TLS connection. Previously, there was a race condition
      if the TLS context rotated after we began the TLS handshake but
      before we sent the CERTS cell. Fixes a case of bug 22460; bugfix

  o Minor features (security, windows):
    - Enable a couple of pieces of Windows hardening: one
      (HeapEnableTerminationOnCorruption) that has been on-by-default
      since Windows 8, and unavailable before Windows 7; and one
      (PROCESS_DEP_DISABLE_ATL_THUNK_EMULATION) which we believe doesn't
      affect us, but shouldn't do any harm. Closes ticket 21953.

  o Minor features (bridge authority):
    - Add "fingerprint" lines to the networkstatus-bridges file produced
      by bridge authorities. Closes ticket 22207.

  o Minor features (code style):
    - Add "Falls through" comments to our codebase, in order to silence
      GCC 7's -Wimplicit-fallthrough warnings. Patch from Andreas
      Stieger. Closes ticket 22446.

  o Minor features (config options):
    - Allow "%include" directives in torrc configuration files. These
      directives import the settings from other files, or from all the
      files in a directory. Closes ticket 1922. Code by Daniel Pinto.
    - Make SAVECONF return an error when overwriting a torrc that has
      includes. Using SAVECONF with the FORCE option will allow it to
      overwrite torrc even if includes are used. Related to ticket 1922.
    - Add "GETINFO config-can-saveconf" to tell controllers if SAVECONF
      will work without the FORCE option. Related to ticket 1922.

  o Minor features (controller):
    - Warn the first time that a controller requests data in the long-
      deprecated 'GETINFO network-status' format. Closes ticket 21703.

  o Minor features (defaults):
    - The default value for UseCreateFast is now 0: clients which
      haven't yet received a consensus document will now use a proper
      ntor handshake to talk to their directory servers whenever they
      can. Closes ticket 21407.
    - Onion key rotation and expiry intervals are now defined as a
      network consensus parameter, per proposal 274. The default
      lifetime of an onion key is increased from 7 to 28 days. Old onion
      keys will expire after 7 days by default. This change will make
      consensus diffs much smaller, and save significant bandwidth.
      Closes ticket 21641.

  o Minor features (defensive programming):
    - Create a pair of consensus parameters, nf_pad_tor2web and
      nf_pad_single_onion, to disable netflow padding in the consensus
      for non-anonymous connections in case the overhead is high. Closes
      ticket 17857.

  o Minor features (diagnostic):
    - Add a stack trace to the bug warnings that can be logged when
      trying to send an outgoing relay cell with n_chan == 0. Diagnostic
      attempt for bug 23105.
    - Add logging messages to try to diagnose a rare bug that seems to
      generate RSA->Ed25519 cross-certificates dated in the 1970s. We
      think this is happening because of incorrect system clocks, but
      we'd like to know for certain. Diagnostic for bug 22466.
    - Avoid an assertion failure, and log a better error message, when
      unable to remove a file from the consensus cache on Windows.
      Attempts to mitigate and diagnose bug 22752.

  o Minor features (directory authority):
    - Improve the message that authorities report to relays that present
      RSA/Ed25519 keypairs that conflict with previously pinned keys.
      Closes ticket 22348.

  o Minor features (directory cache, consensus diff):
    - Add a new MaxConsensusAgeForDiffs option to allow directory cache
      operators with low-resource environments to adjust the number of
      consensuses they'll store and generate diffs from. Most cache
      operators should leave it unchanged. Helps to work around
      bug 22883.

  o Minor features (fallback directory list):
    - Update the fallback directory mirror whitelist and blacklist based
      on operator emails. Closes task 21121.
    - Replace the 177 fallbacks originally introduced in Tor in
      December 2016 (of which ~126 were still functional) with a list of
      151 fallbacks (32 new, 119 unchanged, 58 removed) generated in May
      2017. Resolves ticket 21564.

  o Minor features (geoip):
    - Update geoip and geoip6 to the September 6 2017 Maxmind GeoLite2
      Country database.

  o Minor features (hidden services, logging):
    - Log a message when a hidden service descriptor has fewer
      introduction points than specified in
      HiddenServiceNumIntroductionPoints. Closes tickets 21598.
    - Log a message when a hidden service reaches its introduction point
      circuit limit, and when that limit is reset. Follow up to ticket
      21594; closes ticket 21622.
    - Warn user if multiple entries in EntryNodes and at least one
      HiddenService are used together. Pinning EntryNodes along with a
      hidden service can be possibly harmful; for instance see ticket
      14917 or 21155. Closes ticket 21155.

  o Minor features (linux seccomp2 sandbox):
    - We now have a document storage backend compatible with the Linux
      seccomp2 sandbox. This backend is used for consensus documents and
      diffs between them; in the long term, we'd like to use it for
      unparseable directory material too. Closes ticket 21645
    - Increase the maximum allowed size passed to mprotect(PROT_WRITE)
      from 1MB to 16MB. This was necessary with the glibc allocator in
      order to allow worker threads to allocate more memory -- which in
      turn is necessary because of our new use of worker threads for
      compression. Closes ticket 22096.

  o Minor features (logging):
    - Log files are no longer created world-readable by default.
      (Previously, most distributors would store the logs in a non-
      world-readable location to prevent inappropriate access. This
      change is an extra precaution.) Closes ticket 21729; patch
      from toralf.

  o Minor features (performance):
    - Our Keccak (SHA-3) implementation now accesses memory more
      efficiently, especially on little-endian systems. Closes
      ticket 21737.
    - Add an O(1) implementation of channel_find_by_global_id(), to
      speed some controller functions.

  o Minor features (relay, configuration):
    - The MyFamily option may now be repeated as many times as desired,
      for relays that want to configure large families. Closes ticket
      4998; patch by Daniel Pinto.

  o Minor features (relay, performance):
    - Always start relays with at least two worker threads, to prevent
      priority inversion on slow tasks. Part of the fix for bug 22883.
    - Allow background work to be queued with different priorities, so
      that a big pile of slow low-priority jobs will not starve out
      higher priority jobs. This lays the groundwork for a fix for
      bug 22883.

  o Minor features (safety):
    - Add an explicit check to extrainfo_parse_entry_from_string() for
      NULL inputs. We don't believe this can actually happen, but it may
      help silence a warning from the Clang analyzer. Closes
      ticket 21496.

  o Minor features (testing):
    - Add more tests for compression backend initialization. Closes
      ticket 22286.
    - Add a "--disable-memory-sentinels" feature to help with fuzzing.
      When Tor is compiled with this option, we disable a number of
      redundant memory-safety failsafes that are intended to stop bugs
      from becoming security issues. This makes it easier to hunt for
      bugs that would be security issues without the failsafes turned
      on. Closes ticket 21439.
    - Add a general event-tracing instrumentation support to Tor. This
      subsystem will enable developers and researchers to add fine-
      grained instrumentation to their Tor instances, for use when
      examining Tor network performance issues. There are no trace
      events yet, and event-tracing is off by default unless enabled at
      compile time. Implements ticket 13802.
    - Improve our version parsing tests: add tests for typical version
      components, add tests for invalid versions, including numeric
      range and non-numeric prefixes. Unit tests 21278, 21450, and
      21507. Partially implements 21470.

  o Minor bugfixes (bandwidth accounting):
    - Roll over monthly accounting at the configured hour and minute,
      rather than always at 00:00. Fixes bug 22245; bugfix on 0.0.9rc1.
      Found by Andrey Karpov with PVS-Studio.

  o Minor bugfixes (code correctness):
    - Accurately identify client connections by their lack of peer
      authentication. This means that we bail out earlier if asked to
      extend to a client. Follow-up to 21407. Fixes bug 21406; bugfix

  o Minor bugfixes (compilation warnings):
    - Suppress -Wdouble-promotion warnings with clang 4.0. Fixes bug
      22915; bugfix on
    - Fix warnings when building with libscrypt and openssl scrypt
      support on Clang. Fixes bug 22916; bugfix on
    - When building with certain versions of the mingw C header files,
      avoid float-conversion warnings when calling the C functions
      isfinite(), isnan(), and signbit(). Fixes bug 22801; bugfix

  o Minor bugfixes (compilation):
    - Avoid compiler warnings in the unit tests for calling tor_sscanf()
      with wide string outputs. Fixes bug 15582; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (compression):
    - When spooling compressed data to an output buffer, don't try to
      spool more data when there is no more data to spool and we are not
      trying to flush the input. Previously, we would sometimes launch
      compression requests with nothing to do, which interferes with our
      22672 checks. Fixes bug 22719; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (configuration):
    - Do not crash when starting with LearnCircuitBuildTimeout 0. Fixes
      bug 22252; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (connection lifespan):
    - Allow more control over how long TLS connections are kept open:
      unify CircuitIdleTimeout and PredictedPortsRelevanceTime into a
      single option called CircuitsAvailableTimeout. Also, allow the
      consensus to control the default values for both this preference
      and the lifespan of relay-to-relay connections. Fixes bug 17592;
      bugfix on
    - Increase the initial circuit build timeout testing frequency, to
      help ensure that ReducedConnectionPadding clients finish learning
      a timeout before their orconn would expire. The initial testing
      rate was set back in the days of TAP and before the Tor Browser
      updater, when we had to be much more careful about new clients
      making lots of circuits. With this change, a circuit build timeout
      is learned in about 15-20 minutes, instead of 100-120 minutes.

  o Minor bugfixes (controller):
    - Do not crash when receiving a HSPOST command with an empty body.
      Fixes part of bug 22644; bugfix on
    - Do not crash when receiving a POSTDESCRIPTOR command with an empty
      body. Fixes part of bug 22644; bugfix on
    - GETINFO onions/current and onions/detached no longer respond with
      551 on empty lists. Fixes bug 21329; bugfix on
    - Trigger HS descriptor events on the control port when the client
      fails to pick a hidden service directory for a hidden service.
      This can happen if all the hidden service directories are in
      ExcludeNodes, or they have all been queried within the last 15
      minutes. Fixes bug 22042; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (correctness):
    - Avoid undefined behavior when parsing IPv6 entries from the geoip6
      file. Fixes bug 22490; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (coverity build support):
    - Avoid Coverity build warnings related to our BUG() macro. By
      default, Coverity treats BUG() as the Linux kernel does: an
      instant abort(). We need to override that so our BUG() macro
      doesn't prevent Coverity from analyzing functions that use it.
      Fixes bug 23030; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (defensive programming):
    - Detect and break out of infinite loops in our compression code. We
      don't think that any such loops exist now, but it's best to be
      safe. Closes ticket 22672.
    - Fix a memset() off the end of an array when packing cells. This
      bug should be harmless in practice, since the corrupted bytes are
      still in the same structure, and are always padding bytes,
      ignored, or immediately overwritten, depending on compiler
      behavior. Nevertheless, because the memset()'s purpose is to make
      sure that any other cell-handling bugs can't expose bytes to the
      network, we need to fix it. Fixes bug 22737; bugfix on Fixes CID 1401591.

  o Minor bugfixes (directory authority):
    - When a directory authority rejects a descriptor or extrainfo with
      a given digest, mark that digest as undownloadable, so that we do
      not attempt to download it again over and over. We previously
      tried to avoid downloading such descriptors by other means, but we
      didn't notice if we accidentally downloaded one anyway. This
      behavior became problematic in, when authorities
      began pinning Ed25519 keys. Fixes bug 22349; bugfix
    - When rejecting a router descriptor for running an obsolete version
      of Tor without ntor support, warn about the obsolete tor version,
      not the missing ntor key. Fixes bug 20270; bugfix on
    - Prevent the shared randomness subsystem from asserting when
      initialized by a bridge authority with an incomplete configuration
      file. Fixes bug 21586; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (error reporting, windows):
    - When formatting Windows error messages, use the English format to
      avoid codepage issues. Fixes bug 22520; bugfix on
      Patch from "Vort".

  o Minor bugfixes (exit-side DNS):
    - Fix an untriggerable assertion that checked the output of a
      libevent DNS error, so that the assertion actually behaves as
      expected. Fixes bug 22244; bugfix on Found by Andrey
      Karpov using PVS-Studio.

  o Minor bugfixes (fallback directories):
    - Make the usage example in updateFallbackDirs.py actually work, and
      explain what it does. Fixes bug 22270; bugfix on
    - Decrease the guard flag average required to be a fallback. This
      allows us to keep relays that have their guard flag removed when
      they restart. Fixes bug 20913; bugfix on
    - Decrease the minimum number of fallbacks to 100. Fixes bug 20913;
      bugfix on
    - Make sure fallback directory mirrors have the same address, port,
      and relay identity key for at least 30 days before they are
      selected. Fixes bug 20913; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (file limits, osx):
    - When setting the maximum number of connections allowed by the OS,
      always allow some extra file descriptors for other files. Fixes
      bug 22797; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (hidden services):
    - Increase the number of circuits that a service is allowed to
      open over a specific period of time. The value was lower than it
      should be (8 vs 12) in the normal case of 3 introduction points.
      Fixes bug 22159; bugfix on
    - Fix a BUG warning during HSv3 descriptor decoding that could be
      cause by a specially crafted descriptor. Fixes bug 23233; bugfix
      on Bug found by "haxxpop".
    - Stop printing a cryptic warning when a hidden service gets a
      request to connect to a virtual port that it hasn't configured.
      Fixes bug 16706; bugfix on
    - Simplify hidden service descriptor creation by using an existing
      flag to check if an introduction point is established. Fixes bug
      21599; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (link handshake):
    - Lower the lifetime of the RSA->Ed25519 cross-certificate to six
      months, and regenerate it when it is within one month of expiring.
      Previously, we had generated this certificate at startup with a
      ten-year lifetime, but that could lead to weird behavior when Tor
      was started with a grossly inaccurate clock. Mitigates bug 22466;
      mitigation on

  o Minor bugfixes (linux seccomp2 sandbox):
    - Avoid a sandbox failure when trying to re-bind to a socket and
      mark it as IPv6-only. Fixes bug 20247; bugfix on
    - Permit the fchmod system call, to avoid crashing on startup when
      starting with the seccomp2 sandbox and an unexpected set of
      permissions on the data directory or its contents. Fixes bug
      22516; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (logging):
    - When decompressing, do not warn if we fail to decompress using a
      compression method that we merely guessed. Fixes part of bug
      22670; bugfix on
    - When decompressing, treat mismatch between content-encoding and
      actual compression type as a protocol warning. Fixes part of bug
      22670; bugfix on
    - Downgrade "assigned_to_cpuworker failed" message to info-level
      severity. In every case that can reach it, either a better warning
      has already been logged, or no warning is warranted. Fixes bug
      22356; bugfix on
    - Log a better message when a directory authority replies to an
      upload with an unexpected status code. Fixes bug 11121; bugfix
    - Downgrade a log statement about unexpected relay cells from "bug"
      to "protocol warning", because there is at least one use case
      where it can be triggered by a buggy tor implementation. Fixes bug
      21293; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (logging, relay):
    - Remove a forgotten debugging message when an introduction point
      successfully establishes a hidden service prop224 circuit with
      a client.
    - Change three other log_warn() for an introduction point to
      protocol warnings, because they can be failure from the network
      and are not relevant to the operator. Fixes bug 23078; bugfix on and

  o Minor bugfixes (relay):
    - Inform the geoip and rephist modules about all requests, even on
      relays that are only fetching microdescriptors. Fixes a bug
      related to 21585; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (memory leaks):
    - Fix a small memory leak at exit from the backtrace handler code.
      Fixes bug 21788; bugfix on Patch from Daniel Pinto.
    - When directory authorities reject a router descriptor due to
      keypinning, free the router descriptor rather than leaking the
      memory. Fixes bug 22370; bugfix on
    - Fix a small memory leak when validating a configuration that uses
      two or more AF_UNIX sockets for the same port type. Fixes bug
      23053; bugfix on This is CID 1415725.

  o Minor bugfixes (process behavior):
    - When exiting because of an error, always exit with a nonzero exit
      status. Previously, we would fail to report an error in our exit
      status in cases related to __OwningControllerProcess failure,
      lockfile contention, and Ed25519 key initialization. Fixes bug
      22720; bugfix on versions,, and respectively. Reported by "f55jwk4f"; patch
      from "huyvq".

  o Minor bugfixes (robustness, error handling):
    - Improve our handling of the cases where OpenSSL encounters a
      memory error while encoding keys and certificates. We haven't
      observed these errors in the wild, but if they do happen, we now
      detect and respond better. Fixes bug 19418; bugfix on all versions
      of Tor. Reported by Guido Vranken.

  o Minor bugfixes (testing):
    - Fix an undersized buffer in test-memwipe.c. Fixes bug 23291;
      bugfix on Found and patched by Ties Stuij.
    - Use unbuffered I/O for utility functions around the
      process_handle_t type. This fixes unit test failures reported on
      OpenBSD and FreeBSD. Fixes bug 21654; bugfix on
    - Make display of captured unit test log messages consistent. Fixes
      bug 21510; bugfix on
    - Make test-network.sh always call chutney's test-network.sh.
      Previously, this only worked on systems which had bash installed,
      due to some bash-specific code in the script. Fixes bug 19699;
      bugfix on Follow-up to ticket 21581.
    - Fix a memory leak in the link-handshake/certs_ok_ed25519 test.
      Fixes bug 22803; bugfix on
    - The unit tests now pass on systems where localhost is misconfigured
      to some IPv4 address other than Fixes bug 6298; bugfix
      on 0.0.9pre2.

  o Minor bugfixes (voting consistency):
    - Reject version numbers with non-numeric prefixes (such as +, -, or
      whitespace). Disallowing whitespace prevents differential version
      parsing between POSIX-based and Windows platforms. Fixes bug 21507
      and part of 21508; bugfix on 0.0.8pre1.

  o Minor bugfixes (Windows service):
    - When running as a Windows service, set the ID of the main thread
      correctly. Failure to do so made us fail to send log messages to
      the controller in, slowed down controller event
      delivery in and later, and crash with an assertion
      failure in Fixes bug 23081; bugfix on
      Patch and diagnosis from "Vort".

  o Minor bugfixes (windows, relay):
    - Resolve "Failure from drain_fd: No error" warnings on Windows
      relays. Fixes bug 21540; bugfix on

  o Code simplification and refactoring:
    - Break up the 630-line function connection_dir_client_reached_eof()
      into a dozen smaller functions. This change should help
      maintainability and readability of the client directory code.
    - Isolate our use of the openssl headers so that they are only
      included from our crypto wrapper modules, and from tests that
      examine those modules' internals. Closes ticket 21841.
    - Simplify our API to launch directory requests, making it more
      extensible and less error-prone. Now it's easier to add extra
      headers to directory requests. Closes ticket 21646.
    - Our base64 decoding functions no longer overestimate the output
      space that they need when parsing unpadded inputs. Closes
      ticket 17868.
    - Remove unused "ROUTER_ADDED_NOTIFY_GENERATOR" internal value.
      Resolves ticket 22213.
    - The logic that directory caches use to spool request to clients,
      serving them one part at a time so as not to allocate too much
      memory, has been refactored for consistency. Previously there was
      a separate spooling implementation per type of spoolable data. Now
      there is one common spooling implementation, with extensible data
      types. Closes ticket 21651.
    - Tor's compression module now supports multiple backends. Part of
      the implementation for proposal 278; closes ticket 21663.

  o Documentation:
    - Add a manpage description for the key-pinning-journal file. Closes
      ticket 22347.
    - Correctly note that bandwidth accounting values are stored in the
      state file, and the bw_accounting file is now obsolete. Closes
      ticket 16082.
    - Document more of the files in the Tor data directory, including
      cached-extrainfo, secret_onion_key{,_ntor}.old, hidserv-stats,
      approved-routers, sr-random, and diff-cache. Found while fixing
      ticket 22347.
    - Clarify the manpage for the (deprecated) torify script. Closes
      ticket 6892.
    - Clarify the behavior of the KeepAliveIsolateSOCKSAuth sub-option.
      Closes ticket 21873.
    - Correct documentation about the default DataDirectory value.
      Closes ticket 21151.
    - Document the default behavior of NumEntryGuards and
      NumDirectoryGuards correctly. Fixes bug 21715; bugfix
    - Document key=value pluggable transport arguments for Bridge lines
      in torrc. Fixes bug 20341; bugfix on
    - Note that bandwidth-limiting options don't affect TCP headers or
      DNS. Closes ticket 17170.

  o Removed features (configuration options, all in ticket 22060):
    - These configuration options are now marked Obsolete, and no longer
      have any effect: AllowInvalidNodes, AllowSingleHopCircuits,
      AllowSingleHopExits, ExcludeSingleHopRelays, FastFirstHopPK,
      TLSECGroup, WarnUnsafeSocks. They were first marked as deprecated
      in and have now been removed. The previous default
      behavior is now always chosen; the previous (less secure) non-
      default behavior is now unavailable.
    - CloseHSClientCircuitsImmediatelyOnTimeout and
      CloseHSServiceRendCircuitsImmediatelyOnTimeout were deprecated in and now have been removed. HS circuits never close
      on circuit build timeout; they have a longer timeout period.
    - {Control,DNS,Dir,Socks,Trans,NATD,OR}ListenAddress were deprecated
      in and now have been removed. Use the ORPort option
      (and others) to configure listen-only and advertise-only addresses.

  o Removed features (tools):
    - We've removed the tor-checkkey tool from src/tools. Long ago, we
      used it to help people detect RSA keys that were generated by
      versions of Debian affected by CVE-2008-0166. But those keys have
      been out of circulation for ages, and this tool is no longer
      required. Closes ticket 21842.

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