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Re: Privoxy bundle: configuration

On Wed, Sep 19, 2007 at 11:25:10AM -0700, keybounce@xxxxxxxxx wrote 3.1K bytes in 71 lines about:
: > What files were overwritten? We specifically back up $PRIVOXYPATH/config
: > $PRIVOXYPATH/user.action, if there is another we should be saving
: > through the upgrade/install, let me know.

As was pointed out to me today, this is a classic security issue.  I'll
address it this week with mktemp, hopefully in time for the next alpha.

: The file /Library/Privoxy/config was overwritten with a stock config
: for privoxy 3.0.x. The one I'm using was modified from the stock for
: 3.0.6.

Well, you could always uncheck "upgrade privoxy" since the version
hasn't changed in a year, and isn't likely to change going forward.

: Looking in /tmp:

Right, the postflight removes the file if the install is successful.

I've tested this twice and in both cases, my original config was put
back, rather than the stock config.  

I'll poke some more.