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Re: 4/4 CVS Build - Huge Jump in Responsiveness - Just ME?

Hey Roger,
I did not start seeing this error in my logs (now that I look back) until
April 3, 9AM EST CVS Build. Before that, the log file is pretty clean
although CVS builds from 3/30 to 4/3 were unstable at best.

I've recompiled and launched...I'm on my way home and will
be back online in a couple hours or so...will report back
if the pthread hack below produces less "Bug:" messages.


On Mon, April 4, 2005 4:29 pm, Roger Dingledine said:
> On Mon, Apr 04, 2005 at 03:10:27PM -0500, Gene ENonymous wrote:
>> Apr 04 08:34:53.583 [warn] purge_expired_resolves(): Bug: Expiring a dns
>> resolve that's still pending. Forgot to cull it?
> Hi Gene,
> This is an interesting bug. Has anybody else been seeing it?
> I'm not sure what it is, yet. It looks like it's happening pretty
> often, though? Did you get this warn message previously, or is today
> the first day?
> One possibility is that it could be pthread bugs on netbsd. Could you
> comment out the "#define HAVE_PTHREAD_CREATE 1" line in orconfig.h,
> recompile, and see whether it continues to happen?