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h07onion is back for good

Hi there.

I'm happy to announce that the h07onion is back online
with the same amount of ressources as before.
(100mbit/s, 500gig/month)

The new host is stoneddaemon.net,
h07onion 5C57 D9C9 BDDD A55C 3C9E A9D9 DB8B 592D DE31 4DA2

We've canceled our contract with PlusServer ISP.
PlusServer has shut down server3.h07.org (and thus the h07onion)
after someone used a cracked version of VisualRoute
over the tor network and our node as exit point.

Ewige Blumenkraft!         )|( ssc                    www.unix-geek.info
                               Stephan Schmieder             ssc@xxxxxxx

safeguard this letter, it may be an IMPORTANT DOCUMENT

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