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Problems making tor work

Sorry to be such a nudnick.

I learned about tor from the NewsForge article and
thought I would give it a whirl. I downloaded the
most recent version of tor ( and
libevent (1.0b when I did it) and had no problem
compiling both as described in the distributions.

Tor runs from a user account and prints the
message "Tor has successfully...".

Configured Firefox (dropped back and tried Mozilla
also) to use a 'manual poxy configuration', to use
a SOCKS v4 proxy (also tried v5) and added
'localhost'  to the Socks Host field and 5090 to
the Socks Host Port field. Firefox/Mozilla both
return a message to the effect that the requested
page contains no data. Tor (in tor log level info)
gives no inidcation that the browser is attempting
to connect to the socks tunnel. Oh yeah,
'localhost,' are entered in the no proxy
for field of Firefox/Mozilla (tried without these

So, can someone tell me what silly think I
overlooked so that I can slink feeling stupid?