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Tor is out

This is the third release candidate for the 0.1.0.x series. We've made
some performance improvements, made it tolerate more clock skew, and
fixed a bunch more bugs.

Please report any bugs, either in the installers or in Tor operation, so
we can get it perfect for an actual release: http://bugs.noreply.org/tor


  o Improvements on
    - Client now retries when streams end early for 'hibernating' or
      'resource limit' reasons, rather than failing them.
    - More automated handling for dirserver operators:
      - Automatically approve nodes running or later,
        now that the the reachability detection stuff is working.
      - Now we allow two unverified servers with the same nickname
        but different keys. But if a nickname is verified, only that
        nickname+key are allowed.
      - If you're an authdirserver connecting to an address:port,
        and it's not the OR you were expecting, forget about that
        descriptor. If he *was* the one you were expecting, then forget
        about all other descriptors for that address:port.
      - Allow servers to publish descriptors from 12 hours in the future.
        Corollary: only whine about clock skew from the dirserver if
        he's a trusted dirserver (since now even verified servers could
        have quite wrong clocks).
    - Adjust maximum skew and age for rendezvous descriptors: let skew
      be 48 hours rather than 90 minutes.
    - Efficiency improvements:
      - Keep a big splay tree of (circid,orconn)->circuit mappings to make
        it much faster to look up a circuit for each relay cell.
      - Remove most calls to assert_all_pending_dns_resolves_ok(),
        since they're eating our cpu on exit nodes.
      - Stop wasting time doing a case insensitive comparison for every
        dns name every time we do any lookup. Canonicalize the names to
        lowercase and be done with it.
    - Start sending 'truncated' cells back rather than destroy cells,
      if the circuit closes in front of you. This means we won't have
      to abandon partially built circuits.
    - Only warn once per nickname from add_nickname_list_to_smartlist
      per failure, so an entrynode or exitnode choice that's down won't
      yell so much.
    - Put a note in the torrc about abuse potential with the default
      exit policy.
    - Revise control spec and implementation to allow all log messages to
      be sent to controller with their severities intact (suggested by
      Matt Edman). Update TorControl to handle new log event types.
    - Provide better explanation messages when controller's POSTDESCRIPTOR
    - Stop putting nodename in the Platform string in server descriptors.
      It doesn't actually help, and it is confusing/upsetting some people.

  o Bugfixes on
    - We were printing the host mask wrong in exit policies in server
      descriptors. This isn't a critical bug though, since we were still
      obeying the exit policy internally.
    - Fix Tor when compiled with libevent but without pthreads: move
      connection_unregister() from _connection_free() to
    - Fix an assert trigger (already fixed in 0.0.9.x): when we have
      the rare mysterious case of accepting a conn on, then
      when we look through the connection array, we'll find any of the
      cpu/dnsworkers. This is no good.

  o Bugfixes on 0.0.9.x:
    - Fix possible bug on threading platforms (e.g. win32) which was
      leaking a file descriptor whenever a cpuworker or dnsworker died.
    - When using preferred entry or exit nodes, ignore whether the
      circuit wants uptime or capacity. They asked for the nodes, they
      get the nodes.
    - chdir() to your datadirectory at the *end* of the daemonize process,
      not the beginning. This was a problem because the first time you
      run tor, if your datadir isn't there, and you have runasdaemon set
      to 1, it will try to chdir to it before it tries to create it. Oops.
    - Handle changed router status correctly when dirserver reloads
      fingerprint file. We used to be dropping all unverified descriptors
      right then. The bug was hidden because we would immediately
      fetch a directory from another dirserver, which would include the
      descriptors we just dropped.
    - When we're connecting to an OR and he's got a different nickname/key
      than we were expecting, only complain loudly if we're an OP or a
      dirserver. Complaining loudly to the OR admins just confuses them.
    - Tie MAX_DIR_SIZE to MAX_BUF_SIZE, so now directory sizes won't get
      artificially capped at 500kB.