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hack attempts of Tor?

I´ve been getting the following warning messages a lot:

Apr 13 10:11:39.984 [warn] connection_tls_finish_handshake(): Identity key not as expected for router claiming to be 'JAP'

There IS a ´jap´ nick in the list of tor nodes but the IP is (currently, at least). This obviously doesn´t look good.

I also got earlier a suspicious warning message. Something about Cookie not as expected (logging is currently off, I´m not sure
how to properly turn it on...). In the manual there is something about controling Tor (and it involves CookieAuthentication) but I
think it will only accept local connections. Anyway, if I had the mindset of a hacker, I would certainly explore the possibilities of
taking control over Tor servers using this feature.

I hope you developers and network experts have your eye on this (if indeed this a cause for concern). I can see that Tor usage is
gaining momentum and the volume of hack attempts is surely to go up as Tor´s popularity increases.