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begginer at Tor


I´ve been using Tor as a client for some time and decided to run a server as well. I have read the FAQ and documentation for
servers but still have doubts. I hope this is the place to discuss them.

I am playing around with the configuration of exit policies. If I change them, how do I get Tor to recognize the changes (or any
other change in the torrc file)? Do I have to quit and restart (and thus break existing connections)?

If I need to restart my computer or shut it down for any reason. Is there a way to "soft" close Tor and not disrupt existing

I´ve seen something on the manual relative to SIGNALS. What are these for and how do I use them?

Logging. Since this project is still in the alpha phase I believe you would appreciate reports of weird behaviour. How do I recognize
these, what are you guys interested in? What level of logging should I start with?

Security. Since running Tor server, the number of portscans I get has increased dramatically. I use Norton Firewall (and also Anti-
Virus) so they don´t go any further. But I just started wondering if I should take extra precautions because now I run a server.
What do you think about extra precautions and what might those be?

I have some philosophical questions in nature but I´ll start a different thread for those.