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Re: begginer at Tor

On Wed, Apr 13, 2005 at 10:57:18AM -0300, alexyz@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I am playing around with the configuration of exit policies. If I
>change them, how do I get Tor to recognize the changes (or any
> other change in the torrc file)? Do I have to quit and restart (and
>thus break existing connections)?

On Unix, you can send a HUP signal. On Windows nothing like this is
currently supported, but we are getting very close -- the controller
interface lets you ask Tor to act like it just received a signal. So
once somebody writes a Tor controller on Win32, it should have a "reload"
button that sends the HUP signal to Tor.

> If I need to restart my computer or shut it down for any reason. Is
>there a way to "soft" close Tor and not disrupt existing
> connections?

If you send an INT signal on Unix, this will do what you want (it will
do a controlled shutdown over a period of 30 seconds -- as of,
this time is configurable via the ShutdownWaitLength config option).

But as above, you'll need to wait until somebody adds a way for the Win32
controller to send this "please do a controlled shutdown" signal request.

Anybody want to write a sample win32 signal sender? :) You could
start (or not) with the various tor controller python examples in

See http://tor.eff.org/cvs/tor/doc/control-spec.txt