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(FWD) Server on OS/X

[Forwarding because Eddie still hasn't figured out what address he's
subscribed under. :) Possible answers include "your emac (what's an
emac?) has only 32 megs of ram"; "your emac overheats if you use the cpu
for more than a few minutes at a time"; "hardware problems"; others? -RD]

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Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 19:48:34 -0400
From: Eddie <tor.operator@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: or-talk@xxxxxxxx
Subject: Server on OS/X

Is anyone successfully running a server on OS/X?  If so, have you done 
anything special to get this rascal to stay online?

I can get my eMac to crash in less than 24 hours of running (typically 
12-15 hours).  Crash may not be the correct term, but it is dead as can 
be.  If I disable the power management and the screen saver a message 
will appear on the screen in many languages saying to press and hold the 
power button.  I stopped running the server and the eMac stayed online 
and worked just fine for 1 week so I am pretty sure it is Tor that is 
killing it (it is the only app running other than whatever starts 

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