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Re: (FWD) Server on OS/X

On 4/15/05, Roger Dingledine <arma@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> (what's an
> emac?) 

One of these:

Tor on OS X doesn't do anything which could be considered dangerous
(like loading drivers and the like). There's no way that *any* program
which only does what Tor does should be able to cause a kernel panic
(which is the screen that you see).

It could be a thermal problem - but Macs are well built and that
shouldn't be the case unless you have it somewhere very hot or have
blocked the  vents.

Possibly more likely it's a hardware issue. Slight imperfections can
increase the rate of data errors and the work involved in running Tor
might be causing this to happen far more often. So check that you have
the very latest software patches for OS X.

It can be very difficult to confirm hardware errors and the usual
tools are intel based. You could try
and render something *huge* (something which will take several days).
That will exercise the system.


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