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Re: (FWD) Server on OS/X

eMacs are/were Apple's olive branch to the education community when the redesigned the iMac and increased its price. Up until recent months they were the least costly & slowest systems (which can still run circles around my older than dirt Pentium II that still serves me faithfully). eMac have/had the same design as the original iMac where the CRT and part of the system.

I purchased an eMac for a project (eventually fell through) because few places will lease an Apple system in Central Ohio (most leasing companies didn't know what an "Apple" was...) and those that do lease them think you should pay several hundred dollars per week. I opted to purchase one rather than flush 75% of the purchase price on leasing a system for a week or so.

I don't think hardware is a problem as I have used it regularly for web browsing, watching video clips, etc. but I will run the diagnostics that someone shared to verify. I did wipe the system clean and reload/repatch it and the same issue occurs so I am pretty sure the software is okay as well.

Roger Dingledine wrote:

[Forwarding because Eddie still hasn't figured out what address he's
subscribed under. :) Possible answers include "your emac (what's an
emac?) has only 32 megs of ram"; "your emac overheats if you use the cpu
for more than a few minutes at a time"; "hardware problems"; others? -RD]