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Re: (FWD) Server on OS/X

On 4/18/05, Eddie <ortalk.032004@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> they were the least costly & slowest systems (which can still run
> circles around my older than dirt Pentium II that still serves me
> faithfully). 

Absolutely, the 440BX PII based systems were fantastic. Still running for me :)

> I don't think hardware is a problem as I have used it regularly for web
> browsing, watching video clips, etc. but I will run the diagnostics that
> someone shared to verify.  I did wipe the system clean and
> reload/repatch it and the same issue occurs so I am pretty sure the
> software is okay as well.

So the most interesting data point would be if it still dies with
10.3.9. That has only just been released:


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