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Re: Tor as a component of a cohesive anonymizing OS

On 4/18/05, Chris Palmer <chris@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> One of the things I'm thinking a lot about lately is Privoxy.
> Development on it seems to have stagnated, and as Seth Schoen pointed
> out, its high degree of configurability is likely to work against
> anonymity.

We probably want to write our own HTTP proxy designed to work well
with Tor*. Of course, the obvious answer to this is "go on then". Not
for the next 10 weeks at least I'm afraid.

If anyone else wants to have a go, it's a useful project which is
disconnected from needing to understand the main Tor codebase.

[*] That means talking SOCKS5 and parsing the extended error codes
etc. Might also want to have a look at the control protocol and see
what fun things could be done.


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