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Re: performance tuning...

On Tue, Apr 12, 2005 at 08:35:30PM -0400, Jonathan D. Proulx wrote:
> I am running and it has greatly decreased CPU utilization,
> though it doesn't seem to have increased "bandwidth-observed", this in
> retrospect is why I brought up the question.  My thought being perhaps there
> was something in the TCP stack that was bottle necking.

No, I think the limit you're running into is that there isn't much more
traffic that needs to be carried.

Part of this is because clients load-balance their circuits over the
various servers based on advertised bandwidth, but if a server claims
to have more than 800 kB (as of, or 1000 kB as of,
then it caps it at that level. I've just changed cvs so and
later will believe you if you claim as much as 2000 kB, so this means
high bandwidth servers will be able to attract more use. (The tradeoff
is that I don't want somebody to advertise an incredibly huge bandwidth
and attract most of the circuits -- so I'm slowly raising the cap as
the overall network capacity grows.)

> In the barest terms my CPU runs about 50% idle and my pipes aren't nearly
> full seems like it could be doing more work. Perhaps I've done all I can do.
> I already have NumCpus set to 2, perhaps increasing it will help...

Well, you could always run spoon2 on the same machine. :)

(If you do, please set the MyFamily torrc directive.)