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Re: TOR dying

On Fri, Apr 15, 2005 at 10:19:14AM -0400, Geoffrey Goodell wrote:

:Thanks for your report.  I have also been running into the same problem,
:and I submitted it as a bug report:
:My suspicion is that the problem is related to the fact that both rodos
:(my server with the problem) and spoon (presumably your server with the
:problem) are among the very fastest, with allocation of the most file
:I also suspect that you and I are both running the ancient version of
:libevent that exists in the form of a Debian package.  Perhaps if we
:could pester Niels Provos nicely, he might be inclined to give us
:something that does not have the rare bug exposed by fast Tor servers.
:;)  Anyway, just a thought.

Ah, hadn't noticed the BTS yet.  Spoon is mine and it does look like
the same issue, I guess I'l ping Niels about getting a modern libevent
packaged, though since there're actually trying for a relese changing
version is officially frowned upon right now.

I'll also look at just building an new libevent and see if that helps.